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The 20 Best Gifts for Bloggers (That They’ll Actually Love!)

These gifts for bloggers are perfect whether you’re shopping for the holidays, birthdays, or even a special “just because” present.

Bloggers are notorious for working hard and hustling to grow their sites.  Each of these gifts will help them to either continue to grow their business, help with work/life balance, or just make them smile.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon affiliate links.  As an affiliate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

1. Blogging and Business Books

Books in the blogging field can become outdated somewhat quickly, but there are several books that have concepts which apply timelessly.  Plus, any book on entrepreneurship, sales, or business are going to teach skills relevant to bloggers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Go Givers Sell More – This book is focused on how you can sell more by giving more in your business.  It’s a concept that applies to pretty much any business, and has made a big difference in the way I approach relationship building.

cover of go givers sell more book

  • Profit First – It’s a stark reality that most small businesses fail.  If you look at bloggers, that number may be even higher than average.  This book contains excellent advice as to how to structure your business finances so that you are coming out ahead with profit to provide yourself an income.

book cover for profit first

book cover for profit first

  • Never Split the Difference – This book is all about negotiation, taught by a former FBI hostage negotiator.  I loved that it took crazy real-life hostage situations and translated the negotiation skills to ideals you can use in business and life.

book cover for never split the difference

I previously did an entire roundup of many blogging books, so definitely take a peek at that if you need additional book ideas!

2. Gifts of Time or Service

If there’s anything most of us are searching for in life – it’s extra time or a helping hand.  If you’re trying to figure out a gift that doesn’t break the bank, consider these easy options that you could do with no budget at all:

  • Give a coupon for babysitting the kids for a while so she can get work done
  • Prep a few freezer meals to give, so that there’s no need to make dinner a few nights this month
  • Offer to share out your blogger’s posts on social media each month
  • Make some homemade bath salts or bath bombs, so that your blogger pal can enjoy some much-needed self care
  • Help out by shooting photos of her for social media (it goes so much quicker with a friend to help, compared to setting up the tripod and doing it all solo!)

3. Professional photography session

Speaking of photos – why not grab a gift certificate for a legit photographer who can take photos of the blogger in your life?  These can be invaluable for regular social media sharing, or maybe the session would be used for a sponsored post campaign.

Try searching local Facebook business groups, or even just Google itself, for local photographers that do branding or influencer photoshoots.

If you’re local to Massachusetts, I have two photographers I’ve worked with that I can highly recommend:

  • Caroline Axvig offers a monthly subscription model where she’ll do a photoshoot with you each month.  The prices are extremely reasonable and awesome for influencers that need a steady supply of photos to use on Instagram.  I have worked with Caroline numerous times for blog and social content – she does a fantastic job!
  • Tammy Davison also offers packages for brand photography, and I love her work too!  Tammy’s packages are a bit more of an investment but come with commercial usage license, so these might be a good option if a blogger has a bunch of sponsored content work where brands image access is important.

4. Ticket to a Blogging Conference

At the beginning of the blogging journey when a person is not making a lot of money, paying for a conference can seem like a massive expense.  Gifting them a ticket can be so valuable, as it’s a perfect mixture of education and fun!

When I first started my main website, my dad bought me a ticket to IDEA World BlogFest (a combination blogging and fitness conference) as a Christmas gift.  It was my first “real” blogging event and it was so amazing to learn more about the field, network with sponsors, and develop friendships with other bloggers.  Photo below!  (Side note, this specific event doesn’t exist anymore, but there are lots of other awesome blogging conferences out there).

Obviously we don’t know what the upcoming year will look like as far as in-person events, but there may be virtual conferences available to select from.  And if you’re reading this in the future once life is back to normal and travel is abound again, hopefully there will be many more in person blogging events to choose from!

collage images from blogfest blogging conference

5. Giant Whiteboard

This is probably one of my favorite gifts for bloggers that I personally received this year.  My father in law scored a huge white board which my husband installed in my office.  On it, I have all of my sites outlined with upcoming posts for the month, along with a section for seasonal ideas as I think of them, and notes about paid projects (like writing or sponsored posts) that are coming up.

This won’t be ideal for everyone depending on their space set up, but if you are familiar with the blogger’s space and think they’d love it – they probably will.

Having a place to get ideas out of your head and out in front of you is essential, and a whiteboard allows you to quickly modify as needed.  Plus, when it’s up in a blogger’s office (or study, or basement, or wherever you work), they can constantly look at it to see what needs to be done.

You can find large white boards on Amazon, though they do get pricey.  If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, I highly recommend looking on Facebook marketplace.  Since many businesses are transitioning to more remote work settings these days, they are often getting rid of office supplies like white boards.

Or, you can use white board paint.  This makes it easy to create a white board anywhere you’d like without worrying about hanging a large board or proper sizing.  However, there are caveats to this – the walls are supposed to be very smooth, and some people have complained the markers do not work as well on painted surfaces compared to regular white boards.  Definitely look at the pros and cons to either a standalone board or the paints and see which would be a better fit.

a giant white board in a home office

6. Fun Blogging Merch

I love t-shirts and other gear that has to do with blogging.  Most bloggers are proud of what they do and love talking about their job – so give them some fun merch to show it off!  Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • SEO Long Sleeve Shirt – I’m mildly obsessed with this SEO t-shirt, simply because SEO is my jam (just read my KeySearch tips for SEO if you want to see me nerd out in written form).  If you know others that get a kick out of keyword research and keyword variations, they’ll love this funny long sleeve t-shirt.
seo long sleeve shirt
Image from BehindTheChamp
coffee mug that says I'd rather be blogging
Image from BloggingGiftShop
a woman with a face mask that says id rather be blogging
Image from BloggingGiftShop
t shirt that says like comment subscribe share
Image from BlockMerch
  • Blogger Bracelet – This bracelet has three charms – one that says I love to blog, one that has a camera, and another with a laptop.  It totally represents the aspects of what bloggers do for work!
a bracelet with charms that makes a great gift for bloggers
Image from TheCraftista

7. Portable Phone Chargers

While many people envision bloggers to just be working at home, they are often on-the-go (during a normal year, of course).  Whether it’s traveling for a conference, working at a coffee shop, or doing a photo shoot in the city – it’s easy to get somewhere and realize your phone is almost out of battery.

Portable phone chargers are amazing to toss in your purse or bag so that you can recharge anywhere you need.

portable phone charger

8. Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils

Ok, ok – it’s not necessarily blogging-specific.  But as someone that sits at my computer for a large portion of the day, having oils diffusing makes the experience so much more pleasant!

Plus, some animal studies and a major review have suggested that aromatherapy with essential oils may help with stress and anxiety.  In blogging, there can definitely be days that stress peaks – hello, Google core algorithm updates or Pinterest algorithm changes.  If there’s an inexpensive pleasant way to help with that – I say yes, please!  (And even if it’s just placebo effect, who cares?!  It smells lovely).

I recommend this diffuser because it’s inexpensive and works very well!  As far as oils, this Pep in Your Step oil pack is great for days when you want to feel more energized, while the “Let there be peace and quiet” pack is great for relaxation.

essential oil diffuser 

9. Ring Light

Got a blogger pal that does frequent TikToks or Instagram Reels/Lives?  Consider a ring light!

A ring light is just like it sounds – a ring that’s lit up – and typically there’s a space to hold your phone towards the center, along with a little tripod.

This will help improve lighting in dimly lit areas inside, which is super helpful in the winter months.

There are tons of options available on Amazon – this one looks great and is relatively inexpensive.

ring light with several different light options

10. High Quality Camera

If you’re considering this option, I’m assuming you’re either purchasing a gift for your spouse or adult child (though if you are buying a high quality camera for a friend, I’d like to be your friend too, haha).

While not all niches would require a high quality camera, most would agree it’s a must-have for food bloggers.  A good DSLR camera allows you to get those drool-worthy shots of the meals you create.

There’s a lot of choices for cameras and they can run a pretty penny, so I’d recommend chatting with the blogger in your life if you’re thinking about investing in one (so that you can make sure it’s the right fit for what they need).  This is a great roundup of some popular cameras for food bloggers.

For reference, I use a Nikon D80 for most of my food photos – it’s old but still works wonderfully!  I also have a Nikon D3400 that I use for shooting lifestyle photos outside, as well as shooting high-quality video.

My son can also work the Nikon D3400 (when it’s in auto mode, obviously) – so he’s become useful as a little assistant for me sometimes. 😉

a child holding a nikon camera

11. SD Cards

If your blogger already has a camera, consider grabbing a few extra memory cards for their camera, called SD cards.  For example, older camera models may only takes smaller size ones, so they can fill up quite quickly.  A few extra ones is always nice to have on hand!
sandisk sd memory card 128 gb

12. Photo Props

This is another one that’s mainly geared towards food bloggers, but may also be applicable for bloggers that highlight other products.  Creating attractive food photos or product flatlays is an art, and props can make it come to life.

A prop that most niches might use would be a photo flatlay surface or backdrop (like those available from Ink & Elm).

For bloggers creating lifestyle or product flatlay photos, props might include fun jewelry, colorful pens, cute notebooks, fun mugs, or beauty accessories.

For food bloggers, you could also consider unique serving dishes, plates or bowls, fun utensils, serving spoons, extra cloth napkins or kitchen towels in various colors, and fun tools like cookie scoops or honey dippers.  While you can buy these new, consider if your giftee might appreciate thrifted items too.  Some of my favorite props have been found at stores like Goodwill or Savers – and since I only need one or two for pictures, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have a complete set.  Here’s a haul from Goodwill two years ago, which cost me a grand total of $2.

a selection of food photo props for blogger gifts

13. Ergonomic Equipment

Bloggers work on the computer a lot, and many may not have an ideal set up.  Perhaps they’re frequently typing on their laptop on the couch, straining their neck as they look down.  Or maybe they have a desk setup, but the chair isn’t very comfy to sit in for long stretches.

Think about ergonomic equipment you could get that would help them.  For example, a laptop stand helps elevate the laptop on a desk so that the screen is at a position that reduces neck strain.  Then, you can grab an ergonomic keyboard to hook up – which looks a little silly, but puts their wrists at a more natural, comfortable angle.  By keeping the laptop screen higher and ergonomic keyboard lower, you support a more natural position for the neck, shoulders, and wrists.

Other ideas in this category might include a new high quality desk chair, a foot rest for underneath their desk, or a standing desk for those that don’t like sitting for long stretches.

laptop stand

14. A Great Planner

This could be a paper planner or an electronic tool, depending on your pal’s preferences.

You can easily find a good basic paper planner at stores like Target or Staples, or you can find a variety of them online at Amazon.  I’m partial to larger 8 1/2 x 11 size planners (I often buy these Blue Sky ones), because I like to be able to write down my tasks for each day (and there’s always a lot of ’em, haha!).

There’s also a few fancier planners that tend to be popular among entrepreneurs, like The Happiness Planner, The Happy Planner (yes, different from the first), and Dailygreatness.

For web-based planning systems, you could check out tools like CoSchedule, which offer the ability to plan your blog editorial calendar, schedule social shares, and move around blog posts – all in one spot.

a floral yearly planner

15. SEO 30-Day Challenge E-Book

Y’all, I gotta plug my own product here.  This 30-day SEO challenge is an e-book that contains actionable day-by-day steps to help your blogger learn more about search engine optimization.  They’ll discover how to do keyword research, learn about on-page optimization, and find tips for building backlinks.  And if all that sounds over your head, don’t worry – the blogger in your life will know will be pumped to learn about it!

Plus, this gift will run you under 20 bucks.  It comes as a PDF file, so you can either deliver it to them digitally or print it out for them to use.

Promo graphic for the 30 day SEO Challenge EBook

16. Stock Photo Subscription

Stock photos are a life saver for blog posts where you don’t have original photos of yourself that are relevant.  For example, the pin image in this post contains a stock photo.

I recommend bloggers use paid stock photos when possible, as it’s safer (from a legal standpoint) than using free stock photos.  With free photos, you risk that the image was uploaded without the photographer’s consent, or that model consents weren’t properly obtained.  It’s unlikely, but possible, that could land you in a bit of trouble.  So paid stock photos are super valuable for most bloggers to have!

Deposit Photos is a great option for paid stock photos – you can buy them a monthly package or a one-time bulk package.

For more lifestyle-esque photos with beautiful imagery, check out Haute Stock.

17. Small Phone Tripod

A portable phone tripod is small and easy to throw in a purse or briefcase.  It makes it simple to set up your phone to grab some Insta-worthy pictures or create a quick TikTok anytime, anywhere.  They’re also inexpensive, with most options clocking in under $25.

I’m a fan of this phone tripod, which also is compact, functional, and comes with a wireless remote.

portable flexible cell phone tripod

18. Noise cancelling headphones

Whether you’re working somewhere in public, or you’re working at home and the kiddos are yelling for your spouse – sometimes it can be nice to minimize distractions.  Similarly, these are great for travel bloggers are frequently on-the-go.

My husband used to work for Bose so we’re partial to their headphones, as the quality is awesome.  But there also seems to be some great alternative options available on Amazon that are much less expensive, like this COWIN pair.

bose noise cancelling headphones

19. Cute Journals/Notebooks

I’m still a pen and paper girl, and sometimes sitting down with a notebook and sketching out ideas is really helpful.  There’s something about writing that is different than typing on a computer, and when I’m trying to think through revenue streams, a new product launch, social media post ideas, or any number of topics – a notebook the place for me to brain dump.

a notebook with lemons on the cover

20. Coffee Gift Card

If at the end of the day none of the options above look good to you, go with standard entrepreneur currency – a coffee gift card. 😉  Even if they aren’t a huge coffee drinker, most coffee shops have other treats too.  And during normal times, coffee shops are great places to go to work for a change of scenery.

If you’re in local central Massachusetts, I highly recommend the Bolton Bean for gift cards.  If you’re elsewhere in the country, see what local coffee shops are around your area!

a cup of coffee next to a gift card and a gift box

21. Bonus – More Ideas!

If you know your blogger well, you can also consider one of these other ideas.  Just make sure you know if it’s something they’ll use, and that they don’t already have it.  For example, blogging courses can be awesome as a gift, but if they already bought it – that’d be a bummer.

  • A year of hosting for a new blog they’re starting
  • Blogging courses
  • Pinterest courses
  • Instagram courses
  • TikTok courses
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • Short Pixel credits (for image compression)
  • Photography course (like food photography)
  • Presets for Instagram
  • For podcasters or YouTubers – a quality microphone

There you have it – the best gifts for bloggers!  I hope you found something on this list that would be helpful for the blogger in your life.  If you have other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below!

Share:  Which gift from this list are you planning to buy?  Any other good blogger gift ideas you know of?

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