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    How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

    Wondering how to make money on Pinterest without a blog? Not sure if it’s a real possibility or if all the internet gurus are just blowing smoke? You’re in luck – there are actually many ways to earn some extra cash on Pinterest which don’t require having your own website. Like anything else in online marketing, these strategies will require a bit of hard work and hustle, but you can definitely create a solid revenue stream with these ideas. 1. Creator Rewards This is one of Pinterest’s newest programs, and probably one of the best options to focus on if you’ve been on the platform for a while and have…

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    How to Use Affiliate Links on Idea Pins

    Gone are the days of Pinterest driving massive amounts of traffic to blogs.  They’ve made it clear recently that their mission is focused on keeping people on-platform as well as e-commerce.  But don’t write off the platform just yet.  Pinterest announced that creators could utilize affiliate links on idea pins, and this could be an easy monetization stream to add to your business! What are idea pins? Idea pins are kind of like Instagram stories, but they don’t disappear after 24 hours.  Instead, they keep growing in views and are permanently discoverable on the platform.  You can utilize both photos and short-form video content for an idea pin, which can…

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    15+ Blogging Networks to Earn Money on Sponsored Posts

    If you’re a blogger looking to start doing more sponsored posts, you may want to check out the different blogging networks.  These websites offer a place to apply for sponsored post opportunities in an easy way.  While you may only secure a few of the many opportunities you apply for, it can be a great way to get your foot in the door with sponsored content. What is a blogging network? A blogging network acts as a middleman of sorts – they help brands manage sponsored post opportunities.  The network is usually responsible for handling the application processes, initial (and sometimes final) influencer selection, and ensuring those working on the…

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    Pros and Cons of TikTok for Bloggers and Brands

    If you’ve been following the social media trends the last year, you probably know that TikTok has exploded in popularity.  But is this platform useful for bloggers and businesses?  What are the pros and cons of TikTok?  Find out everything you need to know in this post! What is TikTok? TikTok is a social networking app focused on short-form video content.  Videos on the platform include lip synching, dancing, educational content, storytelling, and more.  Similar to other social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook, users can like, comment on, and share videos.  Users can also follow profiles of those from which they want to see more content. The app is…

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    25 Free Courses + Certifications for Wellness Bloggers During COVID-19

    With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to keep many of us at home, it’s only natural to start to go a bit stir-crazy.  Couple that with decreasing ad revenue and fewer sponsored blog opportunities that many bloggers are experiencing, and you may find yourself wondering how to best take advantage of these strange times.  One idea to consider?  Trying out one of the numerous online courses and certifications that are free for a limited time right now! I’ve rounded up everything I could personally find, but if you know of other free courses or certifications, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email so I can add them…

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    Pinterest For Blogging: Insider Tips Straight from Pinterest!

    Thinking about ways to use Pinterest for blogging?  Awesome!  Pinterest is an excellent free traffic driver and massively important for bloggers sharing anything from food to fitness to fashion content.  There are some essential strategies that will help your content stand out on Pinterest and get more visitors to your blog! Pinterest was by far the best traffic drivers for all of my sites when they were new, until SEO started to build and organic traffic edged it out a bit.  That said, it’s still a major traffic driver to every site.  And while I’d like to think I’ve got a good grasp on Pinterest – it’s always good to…

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    How You Can Do a Social Media Evaluation to Improve Your Marketing

    Spring is the season best known for cleaning, decluttering and organizing your home as well as life. When it comes to spring cleaning most of us think about our homes, but the reality is that it’s a great time to clean up parts of your business as well – including your social media marketing.  Conduct a social media evaluation to assess how well your profile and social shares resonate with your brand goals, and areas where you might be falling short.  Plus, use these fresh ways to “spring clean” your social media accounts so that you can start a new season off on the right foot. Social Media Evaluation for…

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    Why You Should Start Using Pinterest Communities Now

    Have you heard the buzz about Pinterest communities?  Pinterest itself has been relatively quiet so far about the roll-out, but many bloggers have stumbled across this feature and are jumping in head first.  And for good reason – communities may be a great tool for both promoting your blog and (perhaps more importantly) connecting and engaging with your audience. What are Pinterest communities? Think of Pinterest communities like a Facebook group, but Pinterest style.  In the community, you can: 1) Share links to your pins, others pins, or direct websites, like this: 2) Ask questions – and get replies to those questions, like this: 3) Share photos (that are not…

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    Everything You Need to Know about Pinterest Hashtags!

    For years, Pinterest hashtags were a big no-no.  There was actually talk that using hashtags demoted your content on Pinterest!  But in 2017, Pinterest (fickle as ever) reversed their stance on this.  Hashtags are now recommended on pins, and can help you grow your engagement and traffic. Let’s break down everything you need to know about Pinterest hashtags. Hashtags are another method of searchability. Just like on other search platforms, hashtags are a way for you to quickly and easily express what type of content you’re sharing, and (more importantly) provide a searchability to content.  You use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to see what type of content is being…

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    How to Land Money-Making Instagram Sponsorships

    Are you a blogger or influencer wondering how you can use an Instagram sponsorship to make more money?  As a visual, millennial-friendly platform, Instagram is a prime spot for securing brand partnerships. However, the Instagram world makes it seem like every influencer is making boatloads of cash on Instagram.  That’s just not true.  Most people struggle to make money as an influencer. The good news?  It can totally be done; it just requires a little hard work and hustle!  Let’s walk through some tips for landing those money-making Instagram sponsorships. Grow your following – and your engagement There’s no hard and fast number of followers that you need to secure…