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Get Blogging Help

Need help figuring out how to grow your blog and actually make money? Get the help you need with these three options:

30 Day SEO Challenge E-Book – $19

Want to learn about SEO, but on a tight budget? Grab this 30-Day SEO Challenge E-book! It has day-by-day action steps to take to help you learn about SEO and actually put that information into practice.

You’ll get a great overview of how to set up your site for success, how to do keyword research, how to optimize your on-page content, and how to build backlinks.

Learn more about the SEO e-book and purchase it here.

Content Creation Bootcamp Course (SEO + Productivity Course) – $197

If you are serious about growing your site and earning from it, you’ll want to invest in this course! It will teach you how to create top-ranking content in less time.

You’ll learn essential keyword research techniques, on-page SEO tips, and productivity hacks. Whether you are a new blogger stumped at how to get traffic, or you’re an experienced content creator that needs some tips and tricks to get more content done faster – this course is for you.

Learn more about the content creation bootcamp and purchase it on EzyCourse.

1-1 Blog Coaching – $150/hour

Sometimes, courses and books aren’t the solution you need. You just want to bounce ideas around with another person, or you have specific questions that you need answered. That’s where blog coaching comes in!

My 1-1 coaching sessions are focused on SEO and monetization strategies. For example, for SEO, we can review questions you have about niche selection, keyword research, user intent, on page SEO, building backlinks, and more. For monetization, we can talk about strategies like ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, digital courses, or other income streams.

One of the things that I think separates me from a lot of other “how to blog” sites and coaches is that I actually built a successful blog in the food & fitness niche before starting this site or these services.  You can make money on a niche site that’s not about blogging!

Learn more about blog coaching and purchase a session here.