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    Social Media Tips

    How You Can Do a Social Media Evaluation to Improve Your Marketing

    Spring is the season best known for cleaning, decluttering and organizing your home as well as life. When it comes to spring cleaning most of us think about our homes, but the reality is that it’s a great time to clean up parts of your business as well – including your social media marketing.  Conduct a social media evaluation to assess how well your profile and social shares resonate with your brand goals, and areas where you might be falling short.  Plus, use these fresh ways to “spring clean” your social media accounts so that you can start a new season off on the right foot. Social Media Evaluation for…

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    Social Media Tips

    Everything You Need to Know about Pinterest Hashtags!

    For years, Pinterest hashtags were a big no-no.  There was actually talk that using hashtags demoted your content on Pinterest!  But in 2017, Pinterest (fickle as ever) reversed their stance on this.  Hashtags are now recommended on pins, and can help you grow your engagement and traffic. Let’s break down everything you need to know about Pinterest hashtags. Hashtags are another method of searchability. Just like on other search platforms, hashtags are a way for you to quickly and easily express what type of content you’re sharing, and (more importantly) provide a searchability to content.  You use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to see what type of content is being…

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    The 2018 Pinterest Updates You Need to Know About!

    Pinterest is arguably one of the best platforms for bloggers – especially those in the health and wellness field – but it is also one of the most frustrating.  Frequent Pinterest updates can make it hard for bloggers to determine the best strategy to grow their following and traffic. If you’re worried about all the changes to Pinterest, take a deep breath – the basics are still the same.  However, there are a few key updates that you should be aware of, and some tips to maximize your growth in light of those updates. But First – Why You Need to Be on Pinterest: Earlier today, a fellow blogger told…