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How These 5 Wellness Bloggers Became Wildly Successful – And How You Can Too

When I’m bouncing around online in Facebook groups and see blog income reports, 95% of them are from people who blog about blogging (just like I blog about here).  While I love reading them as much as the next person, the problem is that many of those people never actually ran a successful blog outside of the “how to make money online” niche.  It doesn’t discredit their advice, but it does make it hard for some of them to understand the nuances of growing a niche blog in the wellness arena.

Many newer wellness bloggers don’t see people “like them” sharing the details of their accomplishments, and it makes them question if they can truly be successful bloggers.  That’s what prompted me to put together this post!

There are many successful bloggers out there in our field, from fitness to healthy food to family wellness and more.  If you’ve been reading my posts here for a while, you know that I successfully monetized my food & fitness site well before starting this site.

And there are plenty of others making money in this field too.  I tracked down 5 of them to chat with for this post – all of whom are making a minimum of $15-20K a year from their blog.  Read up on these blogger interviews to find the tips & tricks they’ve used to propel their success.

5 Successful Wellness Bloggers Share Their Stories

Blogger Interview #1:  Jodi Danen from Create Kids Club

Jodi Danen is a registered dietitian, mom of 2, and author of the blog, Create Kids Club.  She started blogging just over 3 years ago after deciding to leave her gig as the food service director at her kids’ school.  Looking for a change, she started blogging full time to guide families towards cooking more often at home.

Jodi shares her views on blogging and how she’s found success promoting family meals and home cooking

Jodi from Create Kids Club

1. What do you find to be the pros & cons of running a blog?

Pros: You get to work for yourself, setting your own hours and driving the direction of where you want to go.  You get to be creative, you get to do work you love, and you continue learning every day.

Cons: You get to work for yourself setting your own hours, and by working at home the job never ends – you don’t get to leave.  There is always something you could be doing to move yourself forward so setting firm boundaries for family time and work time is important.

Whether you succeed or not is on your shoulders- you’re the manager, the marketing expert, the editor, the photographer, etc. and you will work many, many days for no pay at all.

2. One of the biggest concerns from new bloggers tends to be fitting everything in! Do you have any favorite time management tips or hacks?

I am most successful when I stick to a tight schedule. Plan your week out and stick to it.  I still struggle with this, but when I do it, I am so much more effective and the payoffs are better.

Every week seems to change a little, so stay flexible, but plan your weeks, months, and year out in advance working towards the end goals you set for yourself.

Work backwards by breaking down the steps needed to meet your goals and use these as the tasks for the prior weeks and months to meet your goal.   Always have a clear goal you are working towards, and make sure your days are filled with ways to accomplish this goal. Try your best not to waste time or get distracted (which is very easy in the online world!).

3. How do you make money on your blog?

I make money through sponsored content, the Mediavine ad network, selling my product  Lunch Bites™ lunch box note cards on Amazon, selling photography packages to bloggers, selling tasty style recipe videos to bloggers, writing for publications, and from affiliate marketing.

4. Can you share an example of a successful brand partnership that you worked on?

One that stands out is a brand I pitched over a year ago. I didn’t get anywhere at first, but I continued to follow up and eventually we worked out a sponsored post.  They turned this opportunity into a few more recipes and more money.

A few months after this post was live, I did a TV segment and used one of the recipes I created for them.  They saw the spot, and contacted me to see if we could work together again, including more TV work.

Be loyal to the brands you love, share their products or recipes not only when you’re paid to do so, but organically as well.  By forming a relationship with the brand, then promoting them without being paid gained me more work down the road.

5. What advice/tips do you have for bloggers in the wellness industry?

The importance of niching down.  Figure out exactly what you want to talk about and make sure there is an audience for it.

Do your keyword research, focus on growing the blog through SEO.  I wish I had understood keywords and SEO much more than I did when I got started as I believe getting these things correct right away helps you grow much more quickly.

Blogger Interview #2: Christel Oerum from Diabetes Strong

Christel Oerum started Diabetes Strong (originally called TheFitBlog) in January 2015 as a personal blog about her experiences as a fitness enthusiast living with type one diabetes.  She had struggled to find easily accessible information online about exercise and nutrition with diabetes – which sparked the idea of creating her own website.

Like many of us, in the beginning Christel says that “nobody except my mom read the blog.”  But after her and her husband, Tobias, decided they wanted to get out of the corporate world – they put all their spare time into researching absolutely everything about blogging, monetization, SEO, and all the other things involved in successfully running a website as a full-time business.

In June of 2015, Christel took a leap of faith and quit her job to start working on Diabetes Strong full-time. This was before the site had made even a dollar – but her and her husband firly believed the only way to create a successful business was to treat it as such from Day 1.  With their site now bringing in more than 500,000 page views a month, I’d say that was a good choice!

I’ll let Christel take it away with her lessons learned while creating the diabetes resource when it comes to food & fitness

Christel from Diabetes Strong

1. What do you find to be the pros & cons of running a blog?

I love that I have people reaching out to me every week telling me how coming across Diabetes Strong has changed their lives for the better. These are people who have felt isolated, who might never have met somebody else living with diabetes or who are at a loss when it comes to how to successfully and safely exercise when living with diabetes. I never got long thank you emails when I worked as a corporate manager!

I also love how blogging is a business of collaboration. We work closely with everyone in the diabetes community, even websites who many would consider our competitors. We gain much more from collaborating than from competing.

Finally, I really love the lifestyle. I can work when I want and where I want. We often go hiking during the day to enjoy the California sunshine and then work at night. I work a lot, but have total freedom to control my own schedule.

On the downside, blogging can be very stressful in the beginning when you don’t know if your website will ever be successful and profitable. You pour your heart and soul (and savings) into something that may not be a viable long-term thing. Quitting my job to start blogging scared my parents, I can tell you that…

2. One of the biggest concerns from new bloggers tends to be fitting everything in! Do you have any favorite time management tips or hacks?

Prioritize! We quickly realized that our main traffic sources were Google and Pinterest, so that was what we focused on. I spend very limited time on Facebook and Instagram, and almost no time on Twitter. Find what works for you and focus on that 100%.

You don’t have to be everywhere. We get over 500,000 monthly visitors to Diabetes Strong and our Facebook and Instagram profiles are mediocre to put it nicely.

3. How do you make money on your blog?

Our main revenue source is advertising. We use Mediavine but also sell ad space directly to medical device companies. Because we have such a specialized readership, diabetes companies are willing to pay premium rates for ads on our website.

We also do a limited number of sponsored posts. They pay well, but we have to be very careful not to do too many. We want to be a trusted source for diabetes information that isn’t paid by the industry, so we are EXTREMELY careful in making sure that all sponsored posts are very honest, relevant to our readers and don’t try to “sell a product”.

We also have limited affiliate sales but they never total more than a few hundred dollars per month.

4. Can you share an example of a successful brand partnership that you worked on?

I really loved this sponsored post. It’s an interview with Kyle Cochran who competed on American Ninja Warrior while wearing his insulin pump.  It worked amazingly well because it was about him and what he can teach other people living with diabetes – and not very much about the insulin pump company that sponsored the post. That made it relevant and authentic, but it also gave the sponsor a lot of brand awareness and click through to their website.

5. What advice/tips do you have for bloggers in the wellness industry?

You need to find your unique story. There are a million health and wellness websites out there, including some very large ones. It’s a tough niche to compete in so you need something that sets you apart from the rest. That can be your story, your expertise, your writing style or something else, but you need to have something that makes people read YOUR posts rather than the thousands of other posts on the same subject.

It’s also a great idea to collaborate as much as possible with other blogs and brands in your niche. That’s the best and easiest way to get a readership in the beginning. I guest posted A TON the first year to build relationships and get my name out there. I probably posted as often on other websites as I did on Diabetes Strong.

Blogger Interview #3:  Amber Battishill from Mommy Gone Healthy

Amber is a 30-something year old wife and mama based in Michigan.  She started blogging consistently in 2016 to have a side project that was her own; something aside from just being “mom” all day.  Her goal was to connect with other like-minded, health conscious women. She found that many women struggled maintaining a healthy lifestyle while balancing the journey of motherhood.

Soon, Amber realized that she could monetize her site – and took off running learning and growing. At the time, Mommy Gone Healthy is a side hustle, but she’s hoping to continue to grow into a full time gig within the next year.

Here’s Amber’s thoughts on being a successful blogger in the mom wellness niche…

Amber from Mommy Gone Healthy

1. What do you find to be the pros & cons of running a blog?

I absolutely love having creative freedom for the types of post I’d like to create, connecting with a great community of women (my readers) and the ability to make my own schedule.  My blog has provided our family a lot of financial freedom and has given me the ability to stay home with my children.

The biggest cons would be the stress. As a blogger, you’re a jack of all trades: marketer, photographer, writer, editor, accountant, etc. and it can get be overwhelming trying to keep up with everything. Also, social media is constantly changing so you need to stay on top of new trends and changes.

2. One of the biggest concerns from new bloggers tends to be fitting everything in!  Do you have any favorite time management tips or hacks?

This is one of the things that I struggled with the most! There are so many running parts and steps to running a blog. Since my days vary and I often work in the moments my kids are napping or late in the evenings, being efficient is an absolute must! I usually time block an hour in the morning to answer immediate emails and pitches.

For social shares, I use HootSuite to schedule tweets, schedule Facebook posts in batches once or twice a week, and use Tailwind for Pinterest optimization. For photography, I have a running, detailed list of all the photos that I want to capture and typically take a morning to shoot most of my photos for the week (then batch edit in Lightroom).

3. How do you make money on your blog?

95% percent of my income is from sponsored blog and social shares. I had ads on my site for a short period of time, but had issues with slow speeds so I’ve stopped using them for the time being (I do plan on trying them again soon). I have minimal sales from affiliates as it’s not something that I’ve worked on prioritizing.

4. Can you share an example of a successful brand partnership that you worked on?

I love long term partnerships as they are a great way to build brand awareness and form a lasting relationship with brands that you love. One of my favorite partnerships has been with NOW Foods. They treat their influencers amazing and I truly love their products and I think it shows in my enthusiasm in my post (and it makes it genuine and organic when sharing with my audience).

(Side note from Chrissy – NOW is one of my favorite brand partnerships too!)

5. What advice and tips do you have for bloggers in the wellness industry?

Just start! Taking the first step is the hardest and blogging is a career that is always changing and morphing. It’s important to know who your audience is and what type of content they are looking for. You’re writing for them, not you. When it comes to monetizing, provide quality content and clear photography.

Also, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. I see many influencers get so caught up on one social media channel and the “numbers game” (number of followers, higher engagement, etc.). Social media will continue to change and so much of it is outside of your control. Your blog is the one thing you have complete control over and own, so remember to nurture it (and grow your email list).

Blogger #4:  Angela Campos from Marathons and Motivation

Angela is a mom, Registered Nurse, avid runner and triathlete – and a healthy baking aficionado as well.  She started blogging close to 4 years ago, inspired by some of the other fitness bloggers she had started following.  She had always wanted to write, so when she started to train for her first Ironman in 2015, she figured it was a perfect time to document my journey.

Though her blog was initially a hobby, Angela soon realized she could turn something she loved into a side hustle.  She’s currently working to bridge her fitness blog from side business to full time business, and had these tips to share…

Angela from Marathons and Motivation

1. What do you find to be the pros & cons of running a blog?

The Pros: I really love writing and sharing my experiences training for different triathlons and running races. It is also wonderful to be able to work anywhere. My family and I travel a lot, so it is great to be able to work on my blog from anywhere!

The Cons: It is time consuming, especially the social media piece. Sometimes, I really want to take an Instagram or Facebook hiatus, but when I do, my blog does suffer.

2. One of the biggest concerns from new bloggers tends to be fitting everything in! Do you have any favorite time management tips or hacks?

One thing that I tell people starting their first blog is to go for quality over quantity.  I find that even just one high quality post a week or even every other week can work very well! Focus on writing content that your audience will enjoy, then spend the rest of the time getting it out there on social media for new people to discover.

3. How do you make money on your blog?

I primarily make money through sponsored content. I participate in several different Influencer Networks that I apply for or get offered work. I have also had several different opportunities where clients have reached out to me through Instagram. I also do make a small amount of money from ads and affiliate links, but I do not focus on that avenue.

4. Can you share an example of a successful brand partnership that you worked on?

Last year I did a series of posts for Hannaford Supermarkets when they launched their Rewards Program.  I loved this opportunity, as I am a huge fan of Hannaford! It was also great to do something that felt so close to home for me.

5. What advice/tips do you have for bloggers in the wellness industry?

I wish I would have known about the different blogging support groups available online when I started. I was slow to catch on to them! However, once I did, it really helped me to grow my blog! It is great to be involved in different groups of bloggers to learn from and also share my personal experiences with them.

Blogger Interview #5:  Ellen LaFleche-Christian from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Ellen is a busy Vermont mom who started blogging as a way to share their family’s journey to a more simple, self-reliant lifestyle.  She left a high-stress position as a local elected official that was making her ill – and started blogging to not have to rely on a 9-5 job.  Part of her goal with blogging has been to emphasize that it doesn’t have to be difficult to lead a healthy life.

On her site, Ellen shares simple healthy living tips to show busy women how to lead fulfilling lives.  I’ll let her take it away with some words of wisdom…

Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom

1. What do you find to be the pros & cons of running a blog?

I love working from home and being independent. However, because I am the sole blogger for my site, I work far more hours than I ever did at a 9-5 job.

2. One of the biggest concerns from new bloggers tends to be fitting everything in! Do you have any favorite time management tips or hacks?

Staying organized is key. I have a very detailed Google spreadsheet that I use to stay on track. My best bit of advice is to find the things that really make a difference in what you earn and focus your time there. Facebook can be a huge time suck as can other social media and groups. Scaling back or eliminating time wasters can be a huge help.

3. How do you make money on your blog?

Most of my income is sponsored posts and advertising. I do make some from affiliate income but not a lot. I also freelance write for a variety of other websites.

4. Can you share an example of a successful brand partnership that you worked on?

For me, the most successful brand partnerships are the ones that let me be me. I have worked with several brands that found me because of my voice and my niche and just let me continue to do that while promoting their products.

5. What advice and tips do you have for bloggers in the wellness industry?

Don’t be tempted to accept opportunities that you don’t really believe in. Being authentic, real and unique is what attracts a brand to a blogger in many cases. Losing sight of who you are to earn more is never good. Don’t be tempted to keep up with the Joneses. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing. Just keep on focusing on being authentic.

I hope you found these wellness bloggers’ stories as inspiring as I did!  These five ladies show you that you CAN make a business out of blogging!

Looking for more help getting started with monetizing your blog?  Be sure to check out this post on making money blogging, or reach out to me for information about blog coaching!

Share with me:  How are you monetizing your wellness blog?  What tip did you take away from this post that you’ll start implementing today?

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  • Gregory Burzynski

    Thank you Chrissy for sharing your amazing tips and tricks. The lesson is dig down more information before starting your blog. There are many struggles and challenges on the way before being successful as a blogger specially on the wellness industry. The competition is hard, to stand out on the crowd, we all need a professional digital marketer or consultant to guide us which are need to prioritized and focus which traffics are need to targets.

  • Susan

    Hi Chrissy,

    Thank you for writing this! I started my blog a year ago but I didn’t go live until recently. I feel like I need to niche down even more, but after reading your post I think I’m okay. I can always change down the road.

    At ahumbledelight.com, I am a mom wellness lifestyle blogger. I struggle with creating content because of imposter syndrome.

    I love fitness but I am an accountant with a passion for fitness. So without credentials I don’t feel “qualified” to talk about fitness.

    I live a fairly healthy lifestyle but I love to eat non healthy desserts and I am a fan of McDonald’s. That too makes me feel like I have no business trying to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. All of this leads to paralysis when creating content.


    • Chrissy Carroll

      Hi Susan! I’m an RD and I love McDonald’s too 🙂 It’s OK to embrace a healthy lifestyle with room for balance. I think that’s refreshing for your readers too. I know for me, websites that have seemingly unattainable wellenss goals or programs are not something appealing. I think there are a lot of people out there like that. You can certainly find your room in the wellness blogging space 🙂

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