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    Everything You Need to Know about Pinterest Hashtags!

    For years, Pinterest hashtags were a big no-no.  There was actually talk that using hashtags demoted your content on Pinterest!  But in 2017, Pinterest (fickle as ever) reversed their stance on this.  Hashtags are now recommended on pins, and can help you grow your engagement and traffic. Let’s break down everything you need to know about Pinterest hashtags. Hashtags are another method of searchability. Just like on other search platforms, hashtags are a way for you to quickly and easily express what type of content you’re sharing, and (more importantly) provide a searchability to content.  You use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to see what type of content is being…

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    150+ Top Fitness Hashtags for Instagram (Gym, Running, Yoga, and More!)

    If your wellness blog includes any kind of exercise content – or if you’re just a personal social media lover and want to get your content seen – you’ll want to be sure to optimize it on Instagram with some top fitness hashtags.  Hashtags allow users to find and interact with your content, leading to potential new followers and more engagement. Below you’ll find a list with some of the best fitness hashtags out there, grouped by category – like gym hashtags, running hashtags, etc. But first, here are a few helpful tips when it comes to using hashtags on your Instagram content: 1. Choose a variety of hashtags with…